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Genre: Simulation, Pets

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

ESRB Rating: Everyone

Release Date: September 16, 2002


36,720 Bells At Once!!

If you are a cheater like me you will love doing this. First you go to Tom Nook’s and go to the option “say code,” then enter the code for the jingle dresser (3 is the max you can do at once). Then open the presents and sell them. You will get 36,720 bells. Then to repeat this go and save and quit, and then go back (no time will need to be changed), and enter the code for the jingle dresser 3 times more. Note: This is a good hint for paying off your debt to Tom Nook.


I just don’t understand the pelicans on this game. Normally you think there’s 3 pelicans on animal crossing right? Pelly the sweet day time post office lady pete the love sick delivery guy and phylis the grumpy night post office lady? WRONG! Actually there’s 4 pelicans! The one I speak of is “pelliper”. Pelliper is a sailor that doesn’t know how to swim, wears an EXTREMELY child like sailor costume and constantly washes up on the beach of you town. When you see him he looks like hes dead. But he isnt! All you have to do is keep talking to him and he’ll wake up! When he does he thinks you saved his life and thanks you with an extremely rare item he “borded off a seedy looking merchant in afar away land, you won’t find another like it! . At least I don’t think you will. ” (is what he says to you after he gives it to you). Now you can only find him on rare occasions, cause, well, its not every day a funny lookin’ pelican was his up on the beach, but you can ALWAYS find him during any festival that takes place: AT THE WELL! Some people don’t get that. No matter how big I type it. Any way good luck finding him hes, very, very, very, odd. p. S: when you talk to him he tells you about his travels and how his many gold fish were heart broken when he left them,. He gets one at every port. (thats the only reason I actually believe hes a REAL sailor, cuz he said he gets one “at every PORT”.

How To Catch ALL The Fish!!!

Fishes Found in

River, PondTimeCrucian carpAll year All dayCatfishAll year All daySmall bassAll year All dayBarbel SteedAll year All day DaceAll year, 4:00pm-9:00amBluegillAll year, 9:00am-4:00pm KoiAll year All dayBitterlingDec.-Feb. 4am-9pmLoachMay. 9am-4pmCarpAll year All dayPale chubAll year 9am-4pmLarge BassAll year All dayBassAll year All daySalmonSept. All dayPond smeltDec.-Feb. 4am-9pmAngelfishMay-Oct. 4pm-9amFreshwater gobyAll year All dayGuppyApr.-Nov. 9am-4pmRainbow TroutMar.Apr.Sept.Oct. 4am-9amEelJuly-Aug. 9pm-4amPopeyed GoldfishSept. 9am-4pmBrook TroutAll year All dayGiant CatfishJune-Aug. 4pm-9amGiant SnakeheadJuly-Aug. 9am-4pmKillifish (holding pond)Apr.-Aug. All day Large char(waterfall)Mar.June.4am-9pm Frog(holding pond)May-Aug.All day Cherry SalmonMar.-June 4am-9am ArowanaJune-Sept. 4am-9am StringfishDec.-Feb. 4pm-9am GoldfishAll year All daySweetfishJuly-Aug. 4am-9pmPirahnaJune-Sept. 9am-4pmArapaimaJuly-1st half of Sept. 4pm-9amCrawfishApr.-1st half of Sept. All day The following are caught in the oceanBarred KnifejawMar.-Nov. 4am-9amRed SnapperApr.-June 4pm-9amCoelacanth (when raining) All year 4pm-9am Jellyfish2nd half of Aug. All day

Nooks Expanshions

The more you buy or sell from nook the closer he gets to acomplishing his dream about having a big store. he has four expanshions he can have. Nook’s cranny, Nook ‘n go, Nookway, and Nokkington’s. Keep buyin’.

Get The Most Expensive (and Worthless) Item

Pay off your loan to Tom Nook. Start depositing bells. Deposit 999,999,999 bells to get a Model of the Post Office.

Free Paper From Nook!

When you start a new town/person and you are working for tom nook and when he tells you to write a letter take the paper and drop it outside and go back in and ask for more he will give it to you! Its that easy!

Free Stuff

Go to the police station everyday and say it’s yours.

Talk To Pete The Pelican

At exactly 9:00am or 5:00pm, wait around the bulletin board. At that time, Pete will come and take a landing to deliver your mail or other human player’s mail. While he’s delivering the mail, you have a chance to talk to him. Once he’s done delivering the mail, he’ll fly away, so you better be quick if you want to talk to him. He will just say stuff like I’m busy, don’t talk to me right now.

NES Games On The Go

When you play NES games on your GBA using a Nintendo Gamecube GBA link cable, just unplug the cable out of the GBA without turning it off and you will still be able to play the NES game on your GBA. That way, you can play it anywhere like on a trip.

April Fool’s Day

On April 1st, talk to main characters like Tom Nook or Copper and they will tell you an April Fool’s joke. Also try going to Tortimer the Mayor at the Wishing Well so he can give the NES game Super Tortimer along with an April Fool’s joke.

Blonka The Cat With No Face

Sometimes when you go on the train If you can’t see anyone in the back talking on the phone. A white cat with no face will walk up and sit where the other cat usually sits When She ask’s you whats wrong tell her “You got no face” Then she’ll ask you to draw her a face. This is quite fun to do. It’s quite sad for Blonka Because every time she washes her face she loses it.

How To Get Songs

Every Saturday night between 8:30 and 9:30 go up by the train station and there will be a white dog. Talk to him he will sing to you and what ever he sings to you, you will get that song to put in your place where you listen to music.

Run Rabbit Run!!

Have you ever gotten tired of always pressing the B button to run? I know I have! Well you can also hold down the L and the R buttons to run! Now you can run with only 1 hand!

Snowman Series

To collect pieces from the exclusive Snowman series you have to know how to make the perfect snowman! If you succeed at making your snowman perfectly you’ll receive a piece of snowman furniture from the snowman series. To own the complete series continue making perfect snowman (that is after your first one melted or you knocked it down).

Coconut Crave

If you visit your town’s local island you may notice there are several palm trees with coconuts growing on them. Well, of course you can eat them, but what fun would that be? Instead snag a couple of them and grow them on your own in your town! Cool-huh? The catch is that you only can grow the coconuts buy your ocean(beach). Which basically is all of the F arces!


Don’t you just love the snow, well I do. In da winter time I like to make snowmen. Well in dis game you can to. First you find 2 snowballs and then you push them together and you make a snowman you will talk to him and he will give you special items!!

Dragonflies On Your Head

If you go to the insect room in the Musem, the dragon flies in there will land on your head. Note: You have to stand still for a while.

Double Bed

First, buy two beds. Then, push the beds together. Get on one and, press the control stick towards the other bed. You will roll over to the other bed. Note: This won’t work unless the beds are side by side and the feet and heads of the bed are faceing the same way. The beds don’t have to match either.

K.K. Comes

K.K. Slider everyone knows him but his REAL name is Totakeke (trust me i have the animal crossing cheat code book) well anyways every Saturday at 8:00 pm to midnight he will be by the train station go there and listen to some totally rad tunes!

Golden Stuff

To get a golden bug net, catch every type of fish there is.To get a golden net, catch every tye of bug.To get a golden shovel, first buy 2 shovels, then dig up a spot thats golden, (the hole where you dig up money) Drop the shovel in and bury it. Soon it will grow into a golden tree and when you shake it and a golden shovel will come down.

Live Anyware

This is kind of stupid because you will loose your house. To do it you need 2 memory cards. One with your town data and one with 3 avalable blocks. Talk to porter and say you are going on a trip with the memory card with town data in slot A and the other one in slot B. When he is done saving data take out the memory card in slot B. Say your you they’ll say you are traveling and are you sure you want to play. Say “sure”. Then as soon as you get out of your house, save and quit. Then when they ask “Are you all ready?” say “Before I go” and say other things, demolish a house of the person you want to live anywhere with. Make sure the memory card is out while you are doing this.

How To Get Free Flowers

When you start your game meet 1 person. Then go to Tom Nook. When he asks you to plant flowers go to your gyroid and say store an item. Store 4 flowers under display. Put the rest of the flowers in your house.

Always Talk To Mayor

Always talk to mayor when you see him he might give you a free item!

Fish Cheat

Ok this cheat takes a while so make sure you have some time on your hands.Take your fishing pole and go to the river in the A,B and C acers and fish there (stay in those acers) fill you pockets with fish you will most likely catch alot of Pond smelt barbel steed and cheap fish like that but when you pockets are full DONT GO SELL keep fishing and swaping fish you will start to catch alot of Bitterling Goldfish Large Bass Koi and some string fish witch are worth 15,000 bells.

Bug Hunting Tips

Bug Huntin Tips:1. You'll find a lot of butterflys near flowers on the island2. Um. I found a grasshopper on flowers on the island3. You'll have to be fast to catch dragonflys4. You can be fast to catch butterflys and ladybugs, but try to be soundless when aproaching.


Resett the game many times.Eventually Don (Ressetis big bro.) will appear and insult Mr. Resseti.

Make Someone Mad Enough To Move Away

Okay this is stupid but who cares. First get a shovel then go find somone in you’re town and hit them on the head three times. After the last hit they will get really mad at you. Then they might move.

Multiply Your Money

To do this you must have 2 memory cards (one with town data and another without town data). First deposit all of your money into the post office. Then go save travel data onto your 2nd memory card. Now go back as the funny looking person without a face. Go and take out all of the money and drop it outside the post office, and save and quit. After that put the memory card with the travel data back in and the animal will say “Huh?” “You already came back from traveling. Then they will ask you if you want to continue. Press “Yes” now go back take the money that you dropped out side the post office. You will now notice that you have the same amount of money in the post office as you do in your inventory.

House Model And Manor Model

If your house is very stylish to the point where you get over 70,000 points from the Happy Room Academy, you will get a house model. If your house gets over 100,000 points you get a manor model. Also the models have the same color roof as your actual house.


If you and a friend both happen to play animal crossing. And if you live in the same village. you will think of fun things to do with each other. I know four but i will only share one. Beacuse you should invent your own it would be alot funner for you. You can go bury something say in area c-4 then have your friend load up there character and have them go find it. Only one person can run around town at a time, you cant run into each others characters but you can still go and look in ther house and you can still find your animal friends.

Rocky Jackpot

Each day, one of the large rocks in your town will contain alot of bells. ( As you should know.) If you strike one that turns red keep hitting it for more bells, duh! Whats that you move out of place when you hit it? Oh that can be fixed. But DON’T hit the rocks at all yet. first dig three holes by the rock in a v shape pattern. ( You know what v’s look like dont you? the point of the v should be as close to the rock as possible.) Then get in the hole closest to the rock then hammer on the A button. you can get up to 13,300 bells a day, even more if you follow feng shei! REMEBER DO NOT HIT ANY OF THOSE STUPID ROCKS UNTIL YOU HAVE THE V SHAPED PATTERN DUG BY THE ROCK!!!!!!! Beacuse if you hit the rock before that you wont get a second chance. Well thats it I hope that hint was helpfull have fun playing. Happy gaming 🙂

Museum Model

To get the museum model all you have to do is fill in the museum with everything.

How To Get Rid Of A Mean Neighbor

Say you have Rolf as a neighbor and you can’t stand him anymore. OK, send him or her a letter but only say one letter like A. After that go to the dump see if you have a can or boot. Pick it up send it to the neighbor, and wait for a response of “I’m moving and I’m never coming back.”

Get All The Harvest Furniture In One Day!

As you know, to get the harvest furniture take the fork and knife from the table (go up to them and press the b button) and bring them back to the turkey guy. But you can do this more than once. After you give him the forks and knives go back and take them again and give it to him again until you have all the harvest material. This is good for bringing up your score in with the Happy Room Academy (HRA).

What Happen’s When You Pay Off Your House??

I’m here to say that i have succsefully payed off all of my debts to Mr. Nook, The prize isnt really all that great but if you like large golden statues of yourself then i think you’ll be interested in paying off your house. The easiest way to do this is to wait till its raining then go to teh ocean at 12:00 AM to catch teh colecaneth, then after you catch it about 2-5 times you can start to catch Red Snappers, Barred Knifejaw. Before you know it you’ll be running around town and watching over the train station at one time! ďż˝O ya!

How To Make Golden Trees Grow

If you are wondering why your Golden Trees are not growing? Here is your answer. First of all, the best time to grow a Golden Tree is in the spring. Second of all, you are most like likely to save your game and quit, and change the date to a differant date. But thats where you are wrong, you are suppost to chang the date to one day after you planted the money or shovel to get a Golden Tree.

See Mr. Ressesti While Listing To K.K.

If you have seen Mr. R at least 2 times then when K.K. is playing look in the top left corner of your screen when leaves strt falling to see him it whille be short. So be on your toes.

More Fruit Trees Than What You Have!

When you talk to somebody, it gives you 3 options: “Gimme a job”, “What’s up?”, or “My mistake”. They may not say those EXACT words, but they all do the same thing. When you talk to different animals to the point when they get EXTREMELY annoyed, they will some times want to trade you items if you have alot of them. They say things like “I’ve noticed that you have a Bell cricket with you, can I trade you this fruit?” Once you’ve gotten the fruit, BURY IT IN A HOLE! DO NOT EAT IT! The more you get, the better chance you have of them growing. The best part of this trick is: TOM NOOK PAYS YOU 500 BELLS FOR ANY EXOTIC FRUIT! Say it with me: Payoff?

House Expansion Info & Prices

Prices on upgrading your house is as follows.

Big Fish Prices

These are the prices for Big Fish on Animal Crossing:

Barred Jacknife= 5,000Stringfish= 15,000Coleceona= 20,000

Big Fish!!

On a rainy day from 12:00am to 1:00am you can catch a living fossel!!! This is what you have to have to catch that fish. 1. A fishing pole 2. Able to do this for a long time. Go to the ocean and search for fish. You can fish if you want. Walk don’t run or else you will scare the fish away! You Will find a bigger fish than usuall in a little bit of time. This is the best way I can explane this hint. Good luck fishing.

Prices For Houses

When you first need to pay off yor house it cost roughly 48,000 dollars her is a list of the rest of your future payments..

1)first upgrade= 178,000 dollars2)Basement= 49,000 dollars3)second upgrade= 398,000 dollars4)Attic/2nd floor= 789,000 dollars!!!

When you pay off all your house extentions something will go outside the train station for all to see. Im not telling what it is so you’re gunna have to work for it 🙂

Get Music Quick

To get music fast just set the clock ahead to a Saturday at 8:00 and then go talk to K.K. Slider and ask him to play you a tune then he will give you a copy and you’ll be able to listen to it on your stereo.Continue this intill you are satisfied with whatever songs you have.

Free Items

To do this, you need a friend with his own town and the item you want. Get him to get the code from Tom Nook for the item, then go enter it. Of course, you get the item. What most people don’t realize is, if you write the code down, you can enter it as many times as you want, getting that item free each time!! If you enter it three times, Tom won’t let you enter any more codes. Don’t panic. If you save and quit, you can do it three more times. If you have a really expensive item, (like the White King), you can get big money fast!

Special Feng Shui

Some itmes have special Feng Shui. Special Feng Shui means that the items can be placed anywhere in the home and they will still have a positive effect on your luck.

Special Feng Shui Items:G LogoHouse ModelMailboxFishing TrophySpring MedalPiggy BankManor ModelBig Festive TreeLuigi TrophyTreasure ChestAngler TrophyTissueSamurai SuitHinaningyoFestive TreeTanabata PalmHouse ModelDracaenaMario TrophyPost ModelAutumn Medal

Item Trading By Codes

This is one of the coolest and most unique features of the game. You can trade items with other people in other towns without the use of memory card trading. Find someone who wants an item that you are willing to trade off, then go to Tom Nook’s store. Select Other Things from the menu and the select Hear Code. Type in that person’s name and town name, and then give the item to Tom. This is the crucial part: make sure you get the code correctly or the item will be lost. He will give you a code that contains the recipient’s name and town, as well as what item it is, in crypted code. Give this code to the person that wanted that item and he would go to Nook and select Say Code and put in the code you gave him. Voila, he now has that item. Have him do the same to return the favor.

Pay Off Your Debt

There is a quick and easy way to pay off your debt to Tom Nook. At the beginning of the game, when you see the animal asking if you’re ready to go, select other opions, more options, and then set clock. Set the clock to Jan 1st. Check in your mail and there will be a letter with 10,000 bells in it. Save and repeat this process, adding on another year every time. Once you are done, deposit or keep the money, and change the clock back to normal time. The only side effect is that weeds have now grown all over your town. But dont worry about that. It took me about 45 minuets to take them all out. Anyway, I would only recommend doing this if you are paying back your second payment for your larger room because pulling up weeds is annoying. If you talk to him, he’ll ask you if you want to upgrade your house, or add a basement. The choice is yours, but I would definitely recommend a basement to store junk. (the HRA doesnt check your basement:-)

Extra Songs On Saturday

As you may know, you can only get one song from K.K. Slider every Saturday. To get more songs on the same day, travel to another village and get one from him there, or play the game in your village as another character that has been created. Then just put in the Gyroid for free and then you can claim it.

Expand Your House

If you pay off your debt to Tom Nook everytime he give ya one he will ask if you want to expand your house, if you say yes he will ask what color you want your roof, then he’ll say it will be expanded over night, then he’ll give you another fee (don’t expect ’em to be cheap they can go over 100,000,000 bells!!!!) but they only get bigger each time you expand your house so don’t worry about that for a long time, then he may also expand his shop too! But if you say you don’t want to expand your house oh well just live in a cramped house the rest of your game life.

Feng Shui

Certain items are feng shui items. Feng shui items bring good luck when recieving gifts or money management. Not every piece of furniture is a feng shui color but if you manage to get one put it in your house green is south orange is north red is east and yellow is west.

Special Visitor Tracker

Everyday you should go to cooper at the police station because he can tell you if anyone has come or is coming to town.

Tom Nooks Shop Expansion

If you buy and sell from Tom Nook all the time he may get new and better items. If you do it enough he may even make his shop bigger to hold more items.

Summertime Items

Sometimes in the summer people will take a vacation to your town. When they do they might give you a gift that you can only get from them.

Snowman Items

When snow is on the ground, the snowman may appear in two halves. Roll them together to recieve an item that you can only get from him.

Secret Items

If you have a gameboy advance, a gamboy advance to gamecube link cable, and the nintendo e-reader and the animal crossing cards you can get secret items on animal cross.

Extra Item Space

If you find yourself short of poket-space, fill up your letter part of the menu and put items as gifts attached to letters. It even works on letters recieved.

Moving Animals/Residents

If you made another town and your residents from YOUR town moved to it, here’s how to get them back! Every time you get on a train to visit a town and come back a resident moves to that town you visited. So, if you want them back make a new character in the other town the resedent moved to(unless you already have one) and go on the train and visit the town your other guy lives in and come back. One of the character has moved! These are random residents every time. keep taking a trip and back until all of the other residents moved back! Note: at least five residents must stay in one town!

Rare Fruits

Each town has a certain native fruit that can be sold in that town for 100 Bells. If you travel to another town, you can sell that fruit for a whopping 500 Bells. And the same goes in reverse. If you collect a foriegn fruit from another town, you can sell it in your town for 500 Bells apiece.

The Turnip Market

On Sundays, you can buy turnips from the travelling turnip sales-boar, Joan. Later that week, you can sell the turnips to Nook for a HUGE profit.


Between midnight and 4am you can find a wisp or ghost around the town. Talk to him and he will give you a gift or pick all the weeds.

Easy Money

When bees appear from trees, take out your butterfly net and face the beehive. If you can catch a bee, you can sell it for $4500.Place orange furniture to the north, green furniture to the south, yellow furniture to the west, and red furniture to the east part of your house.Note: This trick requires a Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Play the game with the Game Boy Advance attached. Collect as much fruit as possible and travel all the way to the south. Go the pier at the beach. A Kappa will be there and will to bring you to a new island to the south. Get to the new island and drop all of your fruit. Return to the Kappa and leave. Transfer the island to the Game Boy Advance. On the Game Boy Advance, knock on the door to the house of the island animal. After it appears, move a piece of fruit in front of the animal. It will eat it and become happy. Keep repeating this until the animal drops money bags. Feed all your fruit to the animal, then put your Game Boy Advance on standby. Resume the game on the Gamecube. Go back to town, then return and talk to the Kappa again. Your game will now be updated with the Game Boy Advance data. Travel back to the island and collect the money bags.Go around town with your shovel and hit every rock you can find. One of them should turn red when you hit it. Keep hitting it to get more money.Every New Year your parents give you 10,000 bells. Change the system date on the Gamecube or in the Animal Crossing options and change the date to the new year. Check the mail box and you will have 10,000 bells from your parents. Repeat the process, but change the year.Dig for fossils every time you play. When the museum fills up with fossils, you can make a mint at Nook's or trade with residents for good items with fossils. Skulls of dinosaurs seem to be worth the most, usually bringing in 4,000 to 6,000.Play the Stalk Market. Turnips do not seem like that much of a commodity, but its gold in the game. You can make a fortune buying Turnips and selling them at the right price.


If you are not catching the fish you want to catch, move to another section of the map and fish there. Some fish are only found in certain areas.When fishing, do not actually reel in the fish (press A) until you see the bobber go under the water.Fish at the ocean in the rain. You have a much greater chance of catching the Coelacanth. They sell for 15,000 a fish. Also, you have a greater chance of catching the Barred Knifejaw and Red Snapper. They sell for 5,000 and 3,000 respectively. Generally, fishing in the rain is much easier, but in the ocean, for easy money. Also, its easier to fish at night.

Skip Time

When the Gamecube logo appears, hold A + B to get to the memory card screen. You can change the system clock to whatever time you wish. Begin the game and you should start at that day.The game allows you to change the setting before you load it when beginning. When it asks "Are you ready?", the options are "Yes" and "Before I go". Select "Before I go" and it will allow you to change the game's time without changing with the system clock (which also effects other Gamecube games that rely on it) Also, if you have bought turnips to sell them in the Stalk Market and change the system clock or the game time, they may go bad. It depends on the amount of time -- the game remembers.Note: Play a little every day. While you can reset the game's clock and go to Nook's store, this gets old. Also, resetting the clock disrupts timed events that you do not know about. The game is filled with events that depend on month, day, and hour. It is better to just play the game as it unfolds. You will get more furniture, carpet, etc. this way. When you change the time, it disrupts the chain of events permanently and you may end up actually getting less new things then you would if you just played the game as it was supposed to be played.

Easy Items

One of the best ways to get new items that you cannot buy is to do work for the residents, and do it often. Do their little chores and they will (more often than not) reward you with things that are hard to come by in Nook’s store.Talk to people whenever you are near them. Sometimes they will ask you if you want to take a table or some clothes or other things off their hands. Also, do errands for people often. If there are no errands available you will only have to wait ten minutes.

Talking To People

When you are talking to residents, talk the same person repeatedly. Talking to them too much will upset them. However, in a few minutes they will get over it. By doing this, they will reveal more of the workings of Animal Crossing to you. You also stand a much greater chance of playing a game, getting free items, or trading things with them.

Golden Shovel

First, buy two shovels. Find a piece of glowing earth and dig it up. Then, plant a shovel in the glowing earth.

Golden Fishing Pole

Catch all 40 types of fish. Note: There may be more or less.

Golden Butterfly Net

Catch all 40 types of bugs.

Golden Axe

Get your town rating to be “Perfect” for two entire weeks. The Golden Axe is indestructible.

Growing A Money Tree

First, find a glowing piece of earth. Dig it up and you get a money bag. Plant the money bag in the glowing hole and a seedling will sprout, which will grow in to a money tree.

Getting NES Games

Talk to the townspeople until they ask you when your birthday is. Most of them will say something similar to “How would you like a train set for your birthday?” Answer “Yes” and you will put in your birthday. On your birthday, one of the townsfolk will be outside your house. He or she will present you with a NES. For example, Virgos will get Donkey Kong.

Mr. Resetti

Reset the Gamecube during the game. Start the game again and Mr. Resetti will appear to complain. Repeat this to make him more angry.


30,000 Thousands Bells

WB2&pARAcnOwnU jMCK%hTk8JHyrT.

Universal Codes

Go to Tom Nook and enter in these codes for free stuff.

Jingle dresser:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PEClassic chair:11ACK6I9JE#[email protected]%PE

Song List

These are all of the songs that you can request from K.K. Slider and play on your own stereo. Make sure you put in the periods after the “k”‘s.

Aloha KKCafe KKComrade KKDJ KKGo KK RiderI Love YouImperial KKKK AriaKK BalladKK BluesKK BossaKK CalypsoKK CasbahKK ChoraleKK CondorKK CountryKK Cruisin'KK D & BKK DirgeKK EtudeKK FaireKK FolkKK FusionKK GumboKK JazzKK LamentKK Love SongKK LullabyKK MamboKK MarchKK ParadeKK RagtimeKK RaggaeKK RockKK SafariKK SalsaKK SambeKK SkaKK SongKK SoulKK SteppeKK SwingKK TangoKK TechnopopKK WaltzKK WesternLucky KKMr. KKOnly MeRockin' KKSenor KKSoulful KKSurfin' KKThe K. FunkTwo Days Ago

Universal Code:Golden Rod



Tell:Tom Nook.

Universal Code: 100,000 bells

wB32ParacrOWnuJmCk%Iul8jhYRtTell: Tom Nook

Autumn Medal


Gracie’s Top

Tell to Tom Nook:


Crab Stew


Universal Codes

100 Turnips Code:aPShDyYoeR685bafcAlkwcRCmqi3Tell Tom Nook100 Turnips Code:mRSMDqYokR685s&%OL&kwcRCmqi3Tell: Villager8 Mat Tatami Code: sqo9cb#3UaKHs3Tell: Tom Nook8 Mat Tatami Code: sqo9cb#3UaKHs3Tell: VillagerAngler Trophy Code: sf09cb#9vaKHL4Tell: Tom NookAzalea Bonsai Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACt6iMwbzCGvFs&QTell: Tom NookBackpack Code: sqO9cb#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookBalloon Fight Code:CbDahLBdaDh98d9ub8ExzZKwu7ZlTell: Tom NookBarbecue Code:aPYhDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookBarber's Pole Code:[email protected]@Zzfuq#0zb3Nn27lGVImPGGTell: Tom NookBarber's Pole Code:axxxxxxxxxxxxx Tell: VillagerBig Festive Tree Code:lLhuwvEDA33emAdbgnvzbCIBAsyUTell: Tom NookBilliard Table Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFs&QTell: Tom NookBirthday Cake Code:Q6&6KQom9DzR358foDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookBiwa Lute Code:l6&6KQom9DzR35kfLDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookBlack Bishop Code:aDSLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookBlack King Code:lLhuwvEDA23fmAdsgnvzbCIBAsyUTell: Tom NookBlack Rook Code:aDShHyYoeR685bafyBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookBlack Queen Code:1LhuwvEDA22fmAdagnvzbCvBAsyUTell: Tom NookBluebell Fan Code:NmxIGWIeSLYFFCu6iMwbzCGvFsnQTell: VillagerBlue Clock Code:2%Q2fhMKhAyAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookBlue Corner Code: sqO9cb#3UaKHs4Tell: Tom NookBlue Wardrobe Code:n1ACK6I9JE#[email protected]%tETell: Tom NookBonfire Code: sh09cb#9UaKH84Tell: Tom NookBoxing Barricade Code: sh09cb#9UaKHb4Tell: Tom NookBoxing Mat Code: sqO9cb#3UaKHq5Tell: Tom NookBoxing Mat Code: sq09cb39Vak#84Tell: VillagerBug Zapper Code:cPYhDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqiRTell Tom NookCabana Bed Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35DfkDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookCabana Chair Code:2%QafhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookCabana Screen Code:2%Q3fhMdRByAY3Z5yYAK9zyHxLo7Tell: VillagerCabin Dresser Code:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookCafe K.K. Code:jePccCvLTRJoBApcddkwe9ej9wO4Tell: VillagerCannon Code:IRSMDqYokR685s&%LO&kwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookCannon Code:IUSMDqYokR685s&KLO&2wcRCmqi3Tell: VillagerCello Code:2%QqfhMeRByAY3OKyYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookChalk Board Code:aDShHyYoeR685bafxBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookChowder Code: sh09cb&9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookClassic Cabinet Code:2VzAOxZiZ3oGFI Tell: VillagerClassic Chair Code:11ACK6I9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookClassic Hutch Code: sh&9cb#9Uh9w04Tell: Tom NookClassic Sofa Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35RfyDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookClu Clu Land Code:Crm%h4BNRyu98d9uu8exzZKwu7ZlTell: Tom NookCoin Code: sh09cb39UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookCompass Code:adShDyYoeR685bPfQBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookCooler Code: sh09cb&9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookCosmos Model 1 Code:cISIHBYokR685s&%LO&kwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookCosmos Model 1 Code:cISIHBcB3iadra&%LO&kwcRCmqi3Tell: VillagerCosmos Model 2 Code: sh09cb#9UaKHA4Tell: Tom NookCosmos Model 3 Code: sh09cb#9UaKHl4Tell: Tom NookCroakoid Code:iPFhDyYoeR%85bufkBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: VillagerDaisy Meadow Code:2Ea4vQLlTUq325ajQpZfAv9wfYw#Tell: Tom NookDesert Cactus Code: sh09cb#9UaKH84Tell: Tom NookDesert Vista Code:gES58yYoev685bBfMBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookDetour Arrow Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcnqBYAKxjeFdjopTell: Tom NookDice Stereo Code:1LhuwvEDA33fmAdbgnvzbCIBAsyUTell: Tom NookDjimbe Drum Code:4PqRIYFs8D5tX2U4TIZBKWagsKXiTell: VillagerDolly Code:aPShDyYoeR685bPfbBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookDonkey Kong Code: %8JUjE5fjljcGr4%ync5EUpTell: Tom NookDonkey Kong Jr. MATH Code:bA5PC%8JUjE5fjljcGr4%ync5EUpTell: Tom NookDonkey Kong Jr. MATH Code:jePccCvLTRJoBApcddkwe9ej9rc4Tell: VillagerDraceana Code:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tell: VillagerDump Model Code:LLhOwvrDA22fmtdagnvzbCIBAsydTell: Tom NookEbony Piano Code:2%Q3fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerEbony Piano Code:2%QRfhMdRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookElephant Slide Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFsn#Tell: Tom NookExcitebike Code:3%Q4fhMTRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLd7Tell: Tom NookExcitebike Code:3%s4fhMCRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLd7Tell: VillagerExotic Bed Code:2%Q2fhVtRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookFan Fan Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcvqPYAKGaeFdjopTell: Tom NookFestive Tree Code:aDSLDyYoeR685bafoBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookFireflower Code1kT1D0Y4k3685184L613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookFlagpole Code: sqO9cb39Vak#84Tell: Tom NookFlying Saucer Code:2%Q3EhMeRByAY3n5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerFolding Chair Code:B6&6KQom9DzR358fkDC4%EEpCmiRGarbage Can Code:2%43EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerGarden Pond Code:2%Q2fhVeRByAY3Z5yYAK9z9HxLo7Tell: Tom NookGargloid Code:dq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqdTell: Tom NookGerbera Code:2%42fhMtRByAY3O5yYAK9zgHxLo7Tell: Tom NookGlow Clock Code:aDShDyYoeR685bafaBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookGolf Code:Crm%h4BNRbu98d9un8exzZKwo7ZlTell: NookGreen Desk Code:aD%3RxM3M#X3aoQPRxO8Q8xEITqvTell: VillagerGreen Drum Code2%Q2fhVeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookHamster Cage Code:vPdhDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell Tom NookHandcart Code:2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookHandcart Code:2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNfxLo7Tell: VillagerHarp Code:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tell: VillagerHarmonoid Code: sq09cb#3UaKHs3Tell: Tom NookHarvest Bureau Code: sqO9cb#3UaKHP5Tell: Tom Nook>Harvest Chair Code:ifc74nVlY%zoI4 Tell: Tom NookHarvest Clock Code:R5ngoARS6I3iVLy&M6IJyNoWUBW4Tell: Tom NookHarvest Clock Code:R5ngoARS6I3iVLy&M6IJyNoWUBW4Tell: VillagerHarvest Dresser Code: sqO9cb#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookHarvest T.V. Code:vPSYDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookHarvest Wall Code:aPShDyYoeR685bAfhBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookHawthorn BonsaiNmxIGWIeSLYAACt6iMwbzCGvFs&bTell: Tom NookHi Fi Stereo Code:1LhuwvEDA22emAdbgnvzbCvBAsyUTell: Tom NookHigh-End Stereo Code:aDSLDyYoeR685bafaBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookHinaningyo Code:PD%3RxM3M#X3ao4PRxO8Q8xEITqvTell: VillagerHouse Model Code:aRShDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookHowloid Code: shO9cb#9UaKHL1Tell: Tom NookImperial KK Code:3%J%cCcdSxWiItgivJsjsAznGVDBTell: Tom NookImperial Wall:gaSX8yYoeR685bzfMBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookIron Frame Code:2%Q3EhMeRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookJack-in-the-Box Code:2%Q2fhVehAyAY3Z5yYAK9zhHxLo7Tell: Tom NookJack-in-the-Box Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACDriMwbzCGvFs&QTell: VillagerJack-o'-Lantern Code:2%Q2fhMURByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookJack-o'-Lantern Code:2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerJasmine Bonsai2%Q2fhVeRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookJingle Bed Code:aPShHyYoeR685bafvBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookJingle Dresser Code:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookJingle Lamp Code:aPShDyYoeR685bafTBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookJingle Piano Code:aDShHyYoeR685bafEBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookJingle Sofa Code:aPShDyYoeR685bafhBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookJingle Table Code:lLhuwvEDA33emAdbgnvzbCvBAsyUTell:Tom NookJukebox Code:a#S8UItokM6850h%LO&kwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookKayak Code: shO9cb#9UaKHo4Tell: Tom NookKiddie Bookcase Code:aPSLHyYoeR685bafoBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookKiddie Stereo Code:6LhuwvEDA23fmAdbgnvzbCIBAsyUTell: Tom NookKiddie Table Code:QtiXgIAGfe2AI7WwBZBBWW&PulBcTell: Tom NookK.K. Condor Code:Oqtjq2f&4MOru9IM8dr2pYkxqla#Tell: Tom NookK. K. "I Love you" Code:69UFKKdcMs%Qrs Tell: Tom NookK.K. "Only Me" Code:69UIKKdcMs%Qrs Tell: Tom NookKK Rock Code:69UIKkdcMs%Qrs Tell: Tom NookK.K. Ska Code:1CT1DOY4k36851r4#613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookK.K. Steppe Code:3%J%wCcdSxWiItgivJMjsAznGVDBTell: Tom NookK.K. Western Code: sz09bc#9pbFKb4Tell: Tom NookKoopa Shell Code: shO9cb#9UaKHs4Tell: Tom NookLady Liberty Code:LLhOwvrDA23fmtdsgnvzbCvBAsydTell: Tom NookLantern Code:zkT1D0Y4k36851847613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookLawn Mower Code: sh09cb#9UaKH84Tell: Tom NookLeaning Stone2%Q2fhVeRByAY3O5yYAK9znHxLo7Tell: Tom NookLefty Desk Code:aPKhDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookLemon Table Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAABtrwMwbzCGvFs&QTell: Tom NookLemon Table:umxIGWIeHLYAABtrwMwbzCGvFs&QTell: VillagerLighthouse Model Code:aRSLDyYoeR685bafoBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookLocomotive Model Code:a&SLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookLovely Armchair Code:Q6&6KQom9DzR358fLDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookLovely End Table Code:4u&x5fw9GINwLS9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookLovely Kitchen Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35kfLDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookLuigi Trophy Code:BCQ4iZFK%i5xqoSnyrjcrwAeDMkQTell: Tom NookLunar Lander2%Q2fhMehAyAY3O5yYAK9zaHxLo7Tell: Tom NookManor Model Code:aRShHyYoeR685baf&BlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookMega Alloid Code:aPFhDyYoeR%85bufkBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: VillagerMega Bovoid Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbdTell: Tom NookMega Buzziod Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookMega Croakoid Code:3Na1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%CmqirTell: Tom NookMega Dinkoid2%Q2fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zaHxLo7Tell: Tom NookMega Drilloid Code: sq09cb39UaKHs1Tell: Tom NookMega Fizzoid2%Q2fhVthAyAY3Z5yYAK9zpHxLo7Tell: Tom NookMega Gongoid Code:2%42fhVtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7Tell: Tom NookMega Harmonoid Code: sh09cb#9Vak#I1Tell: Tom NookMega Lullaloid Code: sh09cb#9UaKHs3Tell: Tom NookMega Oboid Code:aPShDyYoeR685bafLOlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookMega Percoloid Code: sq09cb39Vak#83Tell: Tom NookMega PlinkoidaPShDyYoeR685bafDOlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookMega Puffoid Code: sh09cb39Vak#I8Tell: Tom NookMega Quazoid Code:2%Q3fhMiRByAY3Z5yAYK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerMega SproidAscNVAY#qoI4 Tell: VillagerMega Squelchoid Code: sq09cb39vek#z1Tell: Tom NookMetatoid Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookMiniature Car Code:aRShDyYoeR685bPfqBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookMini Buzzoid Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYqgTell: Tom NookMini Drilloid Code: sq09cb39UaKHs1Tell: Tom NookMini Echoid2%Q2fhVthAyAY3 Tell: Tom NookMini Fizzoid Code2%Q3EhMtRByAY3n5yYAK9zgHxLo7Tell: Tom NookMini Fizzoid Code:2%Q3EhMtRByAY3n5yYAK9zlHxLo7Tell: VillagerMini Harminoid1FThDOY4k3685184U613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookMini Howloid Code:1CT1DOY4k3685184#613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookMini Lulaboid Code: sh09cb#9Vak9I8Tell: Tom NookMini Nebuloid Code: sq09cb39vqk#01Tell: Tom NookMini Rhythmoid Code: sh09cb#9UaKHI1Tell: Tom NookMini Rustoid Code:1FThDOY4k3685184s613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookMini Sproid Code:aq%iugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookMini Sputnoid2%Q2fhMthAyAY3O5yYAK9zxHxLo7Tell: Tom NookMini Warbloid Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEuTell: Tom NookModern Desk Code:[email protected]@Zzfuq#0zz3Nn27IGVlmPGGTell: Tom NookModern Dresser Code: shO9cb#9Uh9wO4Tell: Tom NookModern Lamp Code:b6ZsCg6gM%RJudyqq2dhMduKC&DrTell: VillagerModern Sofa:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tell: VillagerMuseum Model Code:LLhOwvrDA22fmtdagnvzbCvBAsyUTell: Tom NookNaomi Figurine Code:Q6&6KQom9DzR35kfyDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookNeutral Corner Code: sqO9cb#3UaKHL5Tell: Tom NookNeutral Corner Code:4UFdTp48GZ3HW3dw#%jtLEqj5ZBfTell: VillagerN Logo Code:MuQx5fw9GINwLS9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookNoisemaker Code: sqO9cb#9Vak#84Tell: Tom NookOboid Code: sh09cb#9UaKH67Tell: Tom NookOdd Clock Code:aDShDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookOdd Clock:WDShDyYoeR685bHVZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: VillagerOombloid2%Q2fhVthAyAY3Z5yYAK9zCHxLo7Tell: Tom NookOrange Box Code:rNkGuNubwCYx4OOp5XbBP6PxGsc9Tell: VillagerOwl Clock Code:aPSLDyYoeR685bafoBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookPapa Bear Code:11ACK6I9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookPansy Model 1 Code: sq09cb#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookPansy Model 2 Code:  Tell: VillagerPear Dresser Code: shO9cb#9Uh9wO4Tell: Tom NookPear Wardrobe Code:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: VillagerPine Chair Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACt6sMwbzCGvFs&bTell: Tom NookPink Tree Model Code:aRShHyYoeR685bafBBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookPlate Armor Code:a&ShHyYoeR685baf%BlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookPlinkoid Code: sh09cb39Vak#I8Tell: Tom NookPlinkoid Code: sh09cb39Vak#q1Tell: VillagerPond Lantern Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFsn&Tell: Tom NookPropane Stove Code: sh09cb#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookPropane Stove Code:GSgE&zpk3NzKqcpaV#9GrTzxiyCdTell: VillagerQuazoid Code:dq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYbuTell: Tom NookQuestion Block Code: sh09cb#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookQuince Bonsai Code:2%Q2fhMNRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookRed Boom Box Code:aDShDyYoeR685bafBBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookRed Corner Code: sh09cb#9Vak#I4Tell: Tom NookRegal Armoire Code: shO9cb#9Uh9wO4Tell: Tom NookRegal Bed2%Q2fhVthAyAY3O5yYAK9zjHxLo7Tell: Tom NookRegal Chair Code:Q6&6KQom9DzR35DfyDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookRegal Lamp Code:2%Q3fhMKRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookRegal Sofa Code:2%QYfhMdRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell:Tom NookRegal Table Code:Mu&x5fw9GINwLS9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookRetro Stereo Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35RfLDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookRetro TV Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35DfoDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookRhythmoid Code: sh09cb#9UaKHBETell: Tom NookRingside Table Code:1kThDOY4k3685184U613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookRockin K.K. Code:69UiKKdcMs%Qrs Tell: Tom NookRound Cactus Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFsnjTell: Tom NookRuby-Econo Chair Code:B6&6KQom9DzR358foDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookSamurai Suit Code:aPShHyYoeR685bafBBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookSaw Horse Code:vP5hDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqiRTell: Tom NookScale Code:2%Q2fhMdRbyAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookShop Model Code:alShDyYoeR685bPfbBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookSleeping Bag Code: shO9cb#7UaKHl4Tell: Tom NookSlim Nebuloid Code:1FThDOY4k3685184#613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookSlim Quazoid Code: shO9cb39UaKHs3Tell: Tom NookSnowman Code:a&ShHyYoeR685bafyBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookSpace Heater Code:11ACKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookSpace Shuttle Code:2%Q2fhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpace Station Code:2%42fhMtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zfHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpeed Bag Code: sqO9cb#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookSpeed Sign Code:vPYhDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqiRTell: Tom NookSpooky Clock Code:2%Q2fhMKRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpooky Dresser Code: shO9cb#9Uh9wO4Tell: Tom NookSpooky Sofa2%Q2fhVehAyAY3O5yYAK9zJHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpooky Table Code:2%Q3EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerSpooky Vanity Code:2%Q2fhMdRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpooky Vanity2%Q3EhMtRByAY3n5yYAK9zdHxLo7Tell: VillagerSpooky Wardrobe2%Q8SuMeRByAY3K5yYAK9zAHxLo7Tell: VillagerSprinkler Code: shO9cb#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookSquat Nebuloid Code: sh09cb39vqk#01Tell: Tom NookSquelchoid Code: shO9cb37UaKHLETell: Tom NookStanding Stone Code:2%QzfhVeRByAY3O5yYAK9zNHyLo7Tell: Tom NookStarman Code: sh09cb#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookStation Model 1 Code:1LhOwvrDA23fmtdsgnvzbCIBAsydTell: Tom NookStation Model 2 Code:a&SLHyYoeR685bafqBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookStation Model 6 Code:a&SLDyYoeR685bafoBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookStation Model 11 Code:ILhOwvrDA23fmtdsgnvzbCIBAsydTell: Tom NookStation Model 13 Code:aRSLHyYoeR685bafoBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookStation Model 14 Code:aRSLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookStrange Painting Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFsnQTell: Tom NookStone Coin Code:aPShDyYoeR685bPfBBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookStone Couple2%Q2fhVehAyAY3Z5yYAK9zpHxLo7Tell: Tom NookStrumbloid Code: shO9cb39UaKHs1Tell: Tom NookSuper Mushroom Code: sh09cb39Vak#I4Tell: Tom NookSuper Mushroom Code: sh09cb39Vak#I4Tell: VillagerTable Tennis Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFs&jTell: Tom NookTaiko Drum Code: @DSfEcC6YLYybGMoMyTell: VillagerTailor Model Code:a&SLHyYoeR685bafQBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookTall Buzzoid Code:3ea1DOY4Q36851&In613Rc%CmqirTell: Tom NookTall Clankoid Code:aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEuTell:Tom NookTall Echoid:2%Q3EhMtRByAY3Z5yYAK9zxHxLo7Tell: Tom NookTall Lamentoid Code:gfc82NV1Y#zoI4 Tell: Tom NookTall Lullaboid Code: sh09cb#9UaKHB3Tell: Tom NookTall Oboid Code:1CT1DOY4k3685184I613wcRCmqirTell: Tom NookTall Oombloid Code:2%42fhMtRByAY3O5yYAK9zeHxLo7Tell: Tom NookTall Poltergoid Code:Fsy74NV1Y#zoI4 Tell to: Tom NookTall Puffoid Code: sh09cb49UaKHL3Tell: Tom NookTall Nebuloid Code: sh09cb#9UaKHI3Tell: Tom NookTall Sputnoid2%Q2fhVtRByAY3O5yYAK9zfHxLo7Tell: Tom NookTall Strumboid Code: sAO9cb39UaKHA3Tell: Tom NookTape Deck Code:aPSLDyYoeR685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookTatami Floor Code: sqodcb#3UaKHs3Tell: VillagerTea Set Code:2%Q2fhMKRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookTennis Code:jePccCvLTRJoBApcddkwe9ej9rO4Tell: VillagerTent Model Code: sh09cb#9Vak#I4Tell: Tom NookTimpano Drum Code:4u&x5fw9GINwLSfljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookTrack Model Code:a&SLeyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookTrash Bin2%Q2fhVehAyAY3O5yYAK9zgHxLo7Tell: Tom NookT-Rex SkullQtiXgIAGfe2AI7WwBZBBWW#PulBcTell: Tom NookT-Rex Tail Code:1LhuwvEDA22fmAdbgnvzbCvBAsyUTell: Tom NookTricera Skull Code:aDSLHyYoeR685bafBBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookTulip Model 1 Code: sq09cb#3UaKHP5Tell: Tom NookTulip Model 2 Code: scO9cb#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookTulip Model 3 Code: sc09cb#9Vak#I4Tell: Tom NookTulip Model 3 Code: @sTRJsYYsh09cb38Vak#I4Vaulting Horse Code:umxIGWIxSLYAABtrwMwbzCGvFs&QTell: Tom NookViolin2%Q2fhMehAyAY3 Tell: Tom NookWagon Wheel Code: sh09cb39UaKHL4Tell:Tom NookWatering TroughvPdhDyYoei685bafZBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookWatermelon Table Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcyqyYAKxjeFdjopTell: Tom NookWarbloid Code:aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookWeight Bench Code: sh09cb39UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookWell Code:  Tell: Tom NookWell Model Code:a&ShHyYoeR685bafABlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookWhite Golf Bag Code:Q6&6KQom9DzR35RfyDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookWhite King Code:aPShDyYoeR685bafbBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookWhite Knight Code: shO9cb#9Uh9HO4Tell: VillagerWhite Pawn Code:RtiXgIAGfe2AI7WwBZBBWW#PulycTell: Tom NookWhite Queen Code:aPShDyYoeR685baf%BlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookWhite Rook Code:aPSLHyYoeR685bafxBlkwcRCmqi3Tell: Tom NookWriting Chair Code:Q6&6KQom9DzR35DfkDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookYellow Pinwheel Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcEqyYAKxjeFdjopTell: Tom NookYuki Figurine Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35kfoDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom Nook

Universal Code

100 Turnips - aPShDyYoeR685b afcAlkwcRCmqi3Teller - Tom NookTip - There will never be a one or a zero in any password in Animal Crossing.

Universal Codes

This is the list of every Universal code found so far.

Angler Trophy: sf09cb#9vaKHL4Tell: Tom NookAzalea Bonsai Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACt6iMwbzCGvFs&Q Tell: Tom NookBackpack Code: sqO9cb#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookBarber's Pole Code:[email protected]@Zzfuq#0zb3Nn27lGVImPGGTell: Tom NookBig Festive Tree Code:lLhuwvEDA33emAdbgnvzbCIBAsyUTell: Tom NookBilliard Table Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFs&Q Tell: Tom Nook Blue Clock Code:2%Q2fhMKhAyAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookBlue Corner Code: sqO9cb#3UaKHs4Tell: Tom NookBonfire Code: sh09cb#9UaKH84Tell: Tom NookBoxing Barricade Code: sh09cb#9UaKHb4Tell: Tom NookBoxing Mat Code: sqO9cb#3UaKHq5Tell: Tom NookCabana Bed Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35DfkDC4%EEpCmiR Tell: Tom NookCabana Chair Code:2%QafhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookCabana Screen Code:2%Q3fhMdRByAY3Z5yYAK9zyHxLo7Tell: VillagerCabin Dresser Code:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookCello Code:2%QqfhMeRByAY3OKyYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookChowder Code: sh09cb&9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookClassic Chair Code:11ACK6I9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookClassic Sofa Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35RfyDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookCoin Code:[email protected] Tell: Tom NookCosmos Model 2 Code:[email protected]#9UaKHA4Tell: Tom NookCosmos Model 3 Code:[email protected]#9UaKHl4Tell: Tom NookDesert Cactus:[email protected]#9UaKH84Tell: Tom NookDetour Arrow Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcnqBYAKxjeFdjopTell: Tom NookDraceana Code:[email protected]: VillagerEbony Piano Code:2%Q3fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerEbony Piano Code:2%QRfhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookFan Fan Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcvqPYAKGaeFdjopTell: Tom NookFolding Chair Code:B6&6KQom9DzR358fkDC4%EEpCmiR Garbage Can Code:2%43EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerGreen Drum Code2%Q2fhVeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookHandcart Code:2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNfxLo7Tell: VillagerHand Cart Code:2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookHarp Code:[email protected]: VillagerHarmonoid Code:[email protected]#3UaKHs3Tell: Tom NookHarvest Bureau Code:[email protected]#3UaKHP5Tell: Tom NookHarvest Dresser Code:[email protected]#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookHowloid Code:[email protected]#9UaKHL1Tell: Tom NookImperial KK Code:3%J%cCcdSxWiItgivJsjsAznGVDBTell: Tom NookIron Frame Code:2%Q3EhMeRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookJack-in-the-Box Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACtriMwbzCGvFs&Q Tell: Tom NookJack-o'-Lantern Code:2%Q2fhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerJack-o'-Lantern Code:2%Q2fhMURByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookJingle Dresser Code:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookJingle Table Code:lLhuwvEDA33emAdbgnvzbCvBAsyUTell:Tom NookKayak Code:[email protected]#9UaKHo4Tell: Tom NookK.K. Condor Code:Oqtjq2f&4MOru9IM8dr2pYkxqla#Tell: Tom NookK. K. "I Love you" Code:69UFKKdcMs%Qrs ij#[email protected]: Tom NookK.K. "Only Me" Code:69UIKKdcMs%Qrsnj#[email protected]: Tom NookKK Rock Code:69UIKkdcMs%Qrsnj#[email protected]: Tom NookK.K. Steppe Code:3%J%wCcdSxWiItgivJMjsAznGVDBTell: Tom NookKoopa Shell Code:[email protected]#9UaKHs4Tell: Tom NookLawn Mower Code:[email protected]#9UaKH84Tell: Tom NookLovely End Table Code:4u&x5fw9GINwLS9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom Nook Lovely Kitchen Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35kfLDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookMega Buzziod Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hV%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookMega Lullaloid Code:[email protected]#9UaKHs3Tell: Tom NookMega Quazoid Code:2%Q3fhMiRByAY3Z5yAYK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerMetatoid Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookMega Drilloid Code:[email protected]: Tom Nook Mini Sproid Code:aq%iugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookMini Warbloid Code:Aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEuTell: Tom NookModern Desk Code:[email protected]@Zzfuq#0zz3Nn27IGVlmPGGTell: Tom NookModern Lamp Code:b6ZsCg6gM%RJudyqq2dhMduKC&DrTell: VillagerNeutral Corner Code:[email protected]#3UaKHL5Tell: Tom NookN Logo Code:MuQx5fw9GINwLS9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookOboid Code:[email protected]#9UaKH67Tell: Tom NookOrange Box Code:rNkGuNubwCYx4OOp5XbBP6PxGsc9Tell: VillagerPapa Bear Code:11ACK6I9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookPansy Model 1 Code:[email protected]#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookPear Wardrobe Code:11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: VillagerPropane Stove Code:GSgE&zpk3NzKqcpaV#9GrTzxiyCdTell: Any VillagerPropane Stove Code:[email protected]#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookQuestion Block Code:[email protected]#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookQuince Bonsai Code:2%Q2fhMNRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookRockinďż˝ K.K. Code:69UiKKdcMs%Qrsnj#[email protected]: Tom NookRuby-Econo Chair Code:B6&6KQom9DzR358foDC4%EEpCmiR Tell: Tom NookRegal Lamp Code:2%Q3fhMKRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookRegal Sofa Code:2%QYfhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell:Tom NookRegal Table Code:Mu&x5fw9GINwLS9ljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookRetro Stereo Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35RfLDC4%EEpCmiRTell: Tom NookRetro TV Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35DfoDC4%EEpCmiR Tell: Tom NookRhythmoid Code:[email protected]#9UaKHBE Tell: Tom NookSleeping Bag Code:[email protected]#7UaKHl4Tell: Tom NookSlim Quazoid:[email protected]: Tom NookSpace Heater Code:11ACKGI9JE#[email protected]%PETell: Tom NookSpace Shuttle Code:2%Q2fhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpeed Bag Code:[email protected]#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookSpooky Clock Code:2%Q2fhMKRByAY305yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSpooky Table Code:2%Q3EhMeRByAY3Z5yYAK9zcHxLo7Tell: VillagerSpooky Vanity Code:2%Q2fhMdRByAY3 O5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookSprinkler Code:[email protected]#9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookStarman Code:[email protected]#9UaKHI4Tell: Tom NookStrange Painting Code:NmxIGWIeSLYAACu6iMwbzCGvFsnQTell: Tom Nook Strumbloid Code:[email protected] Tell: Tom NookTall Puffoid Code:[email protected]: Tom NookTall Nebuloid Code:[email protected]#9UaKHI3Tell: Tom NookTall Strumboid Code:[email protected]: Tom NookTea Set Code:2%Q2fhMKRByAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7Tell: Tom NookTent Model Code:[email protected] sh09cb#9Vak#I4Tell: Tom NookTimpano Drum Code:4u&x5fw9GINwLSfljjHSoLwZMD7&Tell: Tom NookTulip Model 1 Code:[email protected]#3UaKHP5Tell: Tom NookWagon Wheel Code:[email protected]:Tom NookWatermelon Table Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcyqyYAKxjeFdjopTell: Tom NookWarbloid Code:aq%cugkN&in76hy%TIL3HUo3QYEdTell: Tom NookWeight Bench Code:[email protected]: Tom NookWell Code:[email protected]@9UaKHL4Tell: Tom NookYellow Pinwheel Code:cAQifhGeBsyjYcEqyYAKxjeFdjopTell: Tom NookYuki Figurine Code:B6&6KQom9DzR35kfoDC4%EEpCmiR Tell: Tom Nook


Currently we have no unlockables for Animal Crossing yet. If you have any unlockables please feel free to submit. We will include them in the next post update and help the fellow gamers. Remeber to mention game name while submiting new codes.

Easter eggs

Currently we have no easter eggs for Animal Crossing yet. If you have any unlockables please feel free to submit. We will include them in the next post update and help the fellow gamers. Remeber to mention game name while submiting new codes.


Currently we have no glitches for Animal Crossing yet. If you have any unlockables please feel free to submit. We will include them in the next post update and help the fellow gamers. Remeber to mention game name while submiting new codes.


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