Cabelas Deer Hunt 2004 Season Cheats Codes For PS2


Cabelas Deer Hunt 2004 Season Cheats Codes For PS2

Cabelas Deer Hunt 2004 Season Cheats Codes For PS2 (PlayStation 2) Free transfer. Keep your eyes in the raw and your trigger finger prepared as you ne’er recognize once a “Monster Trophy Buck” can cross your path. In Cabela’sruminant Hunt: 2004 Season, you may hunt in 9 completely different ruminant species victimisation over authentic firearms, gear, and quite ninety distinctive rack configurations. prepare to visit exotic locations via ATV, boat, snowmobile, and truck. With advanced animal AI and true-to-life habits, these ruminant can have your heart pounding and your palms sweating with intense searching action.

Its a greas simulator of being a hunter, you will hunt in a wild woods and steps

PS2 Cabelas Deer Hunt 2004 Season Cheats And Secrets

  • complete 3 region’s: .25-06 Bolt-action
  • complete 8 region’s Cheats Codes: .300 magnum bolt
  • Comes with the Hawkeye Scope. This is the best gun too: .300 Magnum Bolt-Action
  • complete 6 region’s: .308 bolt action
  • Begin a career and complete 2 seasons on any level: .44 mag revolver
  • complete 1 region: .44 magnum
  • complete 5 region’s: 12 gauge semi-automatic
  • complete 4 region’s: 7mm magnum bolt
  • complete 7 region’s: 7mm short mag bolt
  • Beat 2 areas Cheats Codes: Compound Bow
  • complete 2 region’s: compound bow
  • coplete 6 region’s: Field scope
  • complete 8 region’s: Hawke eye scope
  • Beat all the areas except for one and you get it. It is the best scope: Hawkeye Scope
  • Complete the game on easy: Johanna
  • Complete the game on easy difficulty: Johanna
  • complete 4 region’s Cheats Codes: static scope
  • Complete the game: X-Ray vision

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