Damnation Cheats For Xbox 360


Damnation Cheats For Xbox 360

Damnation Cheats Codes For Xbox 360 Game Secrets Free Transfer. Evolving the shooter genre with its precise and exhilarating aggregate of fluid movement and fight, damnation will function huge, open environments, frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics, and also excessive-octane car-based stunts. Supplying gamers with an extreme check of reflexes, brief wondering, and fast-hearth war,bloodsheed , damnation will characteristic sizeable, breathtaking landscapes, each covering miles of distance and hundreds of vertical feet.


Damnation Cheat Download for Xbox 360

  • All weapons unlocked: LockNLoad
  • Custom Character Cheats Codes: PeoplePerson
  • Gives all enemies big heads: LincolnsTopHat
  • Unlock the most powerful weapon Cheats Codes: BlowOffSomeSteam
  • Unlocks the Insane mode: Revenant


Damnation centers around a bunch of freedom fighters diode by Captain Hamilton Rourke during a desperate plan to defend a war torn, heavily industrialised America from a dictator.

During Rourke’s adventures, he’s employed with or against variety of characters, together with Yakecan, AN ally and Indian expert, Jack, a somebody for the enemy, and faculty member Winslow, Jack’s father. He conjointly works with a non-Christian priest named Akahando against the forces of the evil town, AN arms dealer dead set the domination of America.

The Resistance army is fighting PSI, diode by Commander Selina, on a bridge during a deserted town named Arrowtree. Hamilton and his cluster fight their method through town to the bridge and destroy it. PSI then uses a specialised tank to bridge the gap with special tracks and continue fighting. As they create their escape the faculty member is captured and therefore the rest retreat on to their dirigible, the Corsair. Then Yakecan’s brother Akhahandro tells them that town is raping the world of its resources to form “Serum”, that makes his troopers fight tougher. The cluster leaves to rescue the faculty member with the assistance of their new powers that permit them to envision enemies before they see them. The cluster lands in town wherever the voters square measure crazy on humor. They were miners before town infected their installation and created them blood thirsty. They fight their method through and meet with the lacerate enemy Jack, United Nations agency happens to be the female offspring of the faculty member, they take her and he repairs her arm. however she escapes on a plane and therefore the cluster goes once her however square measure shot down by Selina’s troops. town captures Akahando and forces him to use his powers to envision the long run. Hamilton fights his method through the remainder of town and finds Selina United Nations agency makes an attempt to kill them with a turret however Jack comes and helps them fight. They defeat Selina and escape and Jack finds out Prescott’s true intentions on domination. Selina survived and rides away with Hamilton going once therefore he will notice his missing love Daydon. He ANd Jack build it to an ancient ruined web site and notice Selina and therefore the hooded trespasser United Nations agency turns to be a remodeled and tortured Daydon United Nations agency begs Hamilton to finish her life. They fight and Daydon is defeated however Selina escapes. The PSI army attacks Terra Verte. Hamilton makes it to town wherever he and his cluster battles to liberate town. They battle Selina once more that ends with Jack drowning her during a fountain. They activate town water defence system that opens the water gates and drowns the invasive forces in ocean water. The cluster infiltrates Prescott’s military installation and therefore the final battle begins. town reveals his powerful weapon, a mech, and fights Hamilton. Hamilton destroys the mech however town lifts the machine up and throws it away once taking an oversized dose of his own humor. He then tries to kill Hamilton. Hamilton defeats town and his dead body turns to ash. The cluster saves Akahando and leave in their dirigible finally ending Prescott’s reign of terror and delivery peace to America


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