Daylight Cheats Codes For PS4


Daylight Cheats Codes For PS4

Dylight is associate degree action survival game conferred in first-person perspective. the sport is ready in an exceedingly immense and dangerous open world. throughout the day, you roll associate degree urban surroundings desolate by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for provides and crafting weapons to assist you defeat the hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry enemies the plague has created. At night, gaseous nebula becomes the prey because the infected grow in strength and aggression – however even additional deadly square measure the nocturnal, inhuman predators that leave their nests to feed. you may ought to build use of all of your skills and any out there suggests that to survive until dawn.”
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Taking the role of Kyle Crane, a hole-and-corner operative sent into the segregated  town of Harran to recover a necessary file from a rapscallion political figure, he should opt for continued his assigned  mission or to assist out the remaining survivors against the infected population. for PS4

Daylight Cheat Codes For PlayStation 4

  • A Bright Idea: Use a flare to keep a witch away. Bronze
  • Cheats Codes Breath of Fresh Air: Escape the sewers. Bronze
  • Daylight: Collector For PS4: Collect the thirteen cursed photos. Bronze
  • Full Circle: Finish the game on any difficulty. Silver
  • Historian: Collect every remnant in a playthrough. Bronze
  • Just Like Your Mother… (secret): Confront Dr. Mercer and learn the truth. Bronze
  • Lone Wolf: Finish the game using only a single flare. Bronze
  • Minimalist: Collect the minimum number of remnants in a playthrough. Bronze
  • No Stone Unturned: Collect every single remnant. Bronze
  • Out of the Woods: Escape the forest. Bronze
  • Outpatient Procedure: Escape the hospital. Bronze
  • Cheats Codes Picture of Health: Finish the game without dying. Silver
  • Prison Break For PS4: Escape the prison. Bronze
  • Daylight: Sadomasochist: Finish the game on Hard difficulty. Bronze
  • Thick-Skinned: Survive 50 witch attacks. Bronze
  • Cheats Codes Visionary: Use a glowstick to unveil a secret. Silver

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