Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Cheats


Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Cheats

Forthcoming West covers the Fortune City flare-up, rather than Chuck Greene. It likewise changes the plot of Dead Rising 2 altogether with respect to the distinctive characters and their thought processes.

In the wake of surviving the flare-up that happened in Dead Rising, Frank West rapidly turned into somewhat of a superstar. Subsequent to composing a fruitful book, he is given his own particular syndicated program, yet soon squanders his chances and cash as his fifteen minutes of distinction lapse. In plans to recover a place in the spotlight, he acknowledges an offer from Tyrone King to show up as an uncommon visitor on Terror is Reality. After the demonstrate the TV appears (like in DR2) the cure protestors, including Stacey Forsynthe .Meanwhile Anim White and Kristopher Bookmiller originate from the showstage. Plain then goes to the lift. While he was strolling he sneaked into the storage space, in the wake of listening to TKs voice.After Frank makes sevaral photographs of TK and Brandon talking he gets got by some of TKs contracted hooligans that were guarding the range. The player battles the watchmen and afterward escapes the room. Straight to the point strolled to the lift, which slammed seconds after the fact on the ground floor. He sees that the zombies by one means or another got out and after that escapes to the safehouse.

Straight to the point educates Rebecca regarding what he saw, when they hear blasts going ahead from outside the safehouse. Some of TK’s goons are attempting to break the gambling club vaults. After Frank stops them, Rebecca welcomes him to accompany her to see her source at Bennie Jack’s later. Straight to the point accompanies the cash, and it is taken by one of TK’s gatekeepers. After, Frank is faced by the Bailey twins. They assault him, yet he battles back and figures out how to execute one of them. The other, melancholy stricken at the loss of her sister, confers suicide. Rebecca and Frank catch a chopper on top of the inn, which TK is attempting to escape with. Blunt devastates the helicopter, forgetting TK thumped. They take TK back to the sheltered house and disclose the story to Sullivan.

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Cheats

  • Inside the “Hostile Zone” at the Fortune City Arena: Champion’s Jacket
  • Have a previous save from Dead Rising 2 Cheats Codes: Chuck Greene’s Outfit
  • Find it in the managers office where you save Lenny Mooney in the Yucatan Casino: Dealer Outfit
  • Found in The Mans Sport in Uranus Zone: Ninja Boots
  • Find it in the secret sniper spot in Royal Flush Plaza: Ninja Hood
  • Is it near the nightclub in Yucatan. At the end of the hall full of zombies, there is a door on the left, and a desk on the right. The mask is behind the desk: Ninja Mask
  • Get the achievement “Elite Killer” which is to kill 1337 zombies: Ninja Outfit
  • Finish the game with an S Ending (Beat Overtime): Protoman Blaster and Shield
  • Found inside the Ultimate Playhouse store in Palisades Mall: Protoman Boots
  • Save Jack in the “Welcome to the Family” case, then beat him in strip poker in the “Ante Up” case: Protoman Helmet
  • Get Bronze or better on all challenges in Sandbox Mode: ProtoMan Suit
  • Defeat the psychopath Carl: Psycho Body
  • Early in the game, once you get Rebecca to the security room, the boots are inside: Psycho Boots
  • It is in the wedding chapel where you fight Randy: Psycho Mask
  • Wait the midnight Time Share movie in Paradise Platinum Screens: Psychopath Hair
  • Defeat Sgt Boykins: Soldier Body
  • It is in a small room is south plaza on a cardboard box: Soldier Boots
  • Find it in Shanks in Palisades Mall: Soldier Face Paint
  • Buy them in the Silver Strip pawn shop for $2,000,000: Soldier Goggles
  • It is in the Sportrance store in Royal Flush: Sports Fan Boots
  • On a rack on the first floor of KokoNutz in Palisades Mall: Sports Fan Clothes
  • Find it on the awning at Americana Casino: Sports Fan Face Paint
  • Hidden in the back room of Hot Excitorama Cheats Codes: Sports Fan Helmet
  • Get the achievement “Party Time” which is to get a survivor drunk: Tattered Clothes
  • Visit 10 Maintenance rooms (this also unlocks the Maintaining the City achievement): Willamette Mall Uniform

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