Def Jam Vendetta Codes For PS2


Def Jam Vendetta Codes For PS2

Def Jam Vendetta  Codes For PS2 (PlayStation 2) Free Transfer. It’s been 3 years considering the fact that d-mob chased you out of the the big apple fight circuit and you swore you’d by no means move returned. Now your buddy manny is in problem, and he desires you to bail him out. Your best danger to get the money is to settle a rating with the def jam group, together with dmx, ludacris, joe budden, and technique guy. Even as taking note of the tracks and beats from def jam artists, you can fight or play as over 40 opponents, every with special actions, combos, and scoffs.

PS2 Def Jam Vendetta Codes And Secrets

  • Arii: X,Square,Triangle,O,Square
  • Briggs (alternate costume) Cheats Codes: X, Triangle, Square, X, O
  • Briggs (alternate costume): X, Triangle, O, Square, O
  • Carla: X, Square, X, X, X
  • Chukklez: Square, Square, Triangle, X, O
  • Cruz: O, Triangle, X, X, O
  • D-Mob: Square, Triangle, O, X, O
  • D-Mob (alternate costume): Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square
  • Dan G: X, O, X, O, Square
  • Deebo: O, O, X, X, Triangle
  • Deja: O, Square, O, O, X
  • DMX: O, X, O, Triangle, Square
  • Drake: Triangle, Square, O, X, X
  • Drake (alternate costume): X, Triangle, Triangle, O, O
  • Funkmaster Flex: O, Triangle, O, O, Square
  • Headache: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O
  • House: Triangle, X, Triangle, O, X
  • Iceberg: Square, Triangle, O, Square, O
  • Ludacris: O, O, O, Square, Triangle
  • Manny (alternate costume): O, Square, O, Square, O
  • Masa: X, O, Triangle, Square, Square
  • Method Man: Square, O, X, Triangle, O
  • Moses: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, X
  • N.O.R.E.: O, Square, Triangle, X, O
  • Nyne: Square, O, X, X, Triangle
  • Omar: O, O, Square, Triangle, Triangle
  • Opal: O, O, Square, Square, Triangle
  • Peewee: X, X, Square, Triangle, Square
  • Peewee (alternate costume): X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, O
  • Penny Cheats Codes: X, X, X, Triangle, O
  • Pockets: Triangle, Square, O, Square, X
  • Proof (alternate costume): X, Square, Triangle, Square, O
  • Razor (alternate costume): Square, O, X, Triangle, Triangle
  • Razor (alternate costume): Triangle, Square, Triangle, O, X
  • Redman: O, O, Triangle, Square, X
  • Ruffneck: X, Square, X, Triangle, O
  • Ruffneck (alternate costume): Square, O, Triangle, X, Squre
  • Scarface O, Square, X, Triangle, Square
  • Sketch: Triangle, Triangle, O, Square, X
  • Snowman: Triangle, Triangle, X, X, O
  • Spider (alternate costume): Square, Triangle, X, Square, O
  • Spider’s 2nd Outfit: Square, Triangle, X, Square, O
  • Spider’s 3rd Outfit: O, O, Square, X, Triangle
  • Steel: X, Triangle, O, O, Triangle
  • T’ai: O, O, Square, X, O
  • Tank (Alternate Costume): Triangle, Square, Circle, X, X
  • Unlocks Bounty Club: X, Square, Square, O, O
  • Unlocks Club Luda: O, Triangle, Square, X, Square
  • Unlocks Def Jam: O, X, Square, X, Triangle
  • Unlocks Def Jam Vendetta: Triangle, O, X, Square, Square
  • Unlocks Dragon House: Triangle, X, Square, X, O
  • Unlocks Face Club After Hours: Square, X, Square, Square, O
  • Unlocks Grimeyville: Square, Square, Square, X, Square
  • Unlocks Junkyard: X, Square, Square, X, Triangle
  • Unlocks Warehouse: X, X, Square, X, Square
  • Zaheer: Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, X

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