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Minecraft Server “Atarashi” Fantasy / Survival / RPG / Factions / PVP / Herobrine

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Minecraft Hardcore Survival Server “Atarashi”

On this minecraft server many rare plugins are included, for example:

  • Diseases   – you can get sick, also die from frost or too hight temperature for exemple while walking wearing  full armor  in desert.
  • Werewolf   – you can become a werewolf by being bitten by wolf, transform into powerfull beast while full moon , howl, growl and infect players
  • Vampire   – you can transform into vampire and be powerfull at night but allso burn while standing in sun lights
  • Factions  – just create your own guild / city / empire
  • Magic   – allows players to cast spells & learn magical skills
  • AirShips  – now you can create your own air-ship , and fly through the sky
  • Immersion –  many things have hanged, now every armor has its own passives for exemple: iron armors slows you but gives 20% chance for reflecting damage
  • SlimeFun – so much new craftings
  • Herobrine – herobrine included, he will make your live into a horror {esspecially if you are home alone at night}
  • HellMobs – so many new monsters and mobs for exemple: death riders , ogers, bandits and giants
  • BloodMoon – every night is 5% chance for starting minecraft bloodmoon ~ monsters can destroy blocks, and everywere is living death, better go to castle
  • Hero  – you can choose hero class
  • Dynmap – map of server, here is link to this  [click]
  • Browery – you can make new alcohol drinks now
  • MoreRecipes – now you can create much more potions
  • Free Skins – nonpremium players can pick up fantasy skin for themselfs for free
  • Much more to discover on the server , Have fun


{server is working the best without liaggs in region of : Poland and Germany , but if you have good internet connection it can work everywere}

main language:  English

secendary languages: Polski , Deutsch

Description of server concept:

On this server we wanted to create immmersional hard rpg survival with many rare ideas, also we refused to use world-border or even change map (this map will be for ever, cuz it is unlimited).

Our main goal is to make gameplay a bit scarry and also hard even for old hardcore minecraft players, not single pvp but game with ‘soul’. Also we allow our players to buy lands inside towns, where no one can just grief their buildings, we hardly hate brainless destruction so now on our server after explosion of TNT or creeper blocks automaticlly recover after 30seconds, on the one hand we give you tool to find players and theis guilds   ~~ Dynmap , but on the other hand we give also posibility to save buildings , items from being stolen by buing plots inside admin towns.

We believe that in minecraft killing players is important part of gameplay but exploring, crafting and building is even more important so we gave you diseases , need of thirst, sleeping, ways to change your race by being infected , new craftings, new dungeons and much more, well at the begining part of the map was spammed by new houses with items, but new parts of the map are free from this, – so dont worry only old parts of the map are “spammed” my this constructions.



/thirst  -shows you your need of water (you must drink water or sweam in water)

/health – your temperature and diseases

/jobs – jobs

/money  – your wallet

/f – commands for creating a guild

You need to go to sleep at least once in 30minutes or else you will get slowed




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