Ryu ga Gotoku 1 2 HD Edition Cheats Codes For PS3


Ryu ga Gotoku 1 2 HD Edition Cheats Codes For PS3 (PlayStation 3) for Free Download. Ryu ga Gotoku 1&2 HD Edition is a Miscellaneous game, developed and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 2012 year.

Ryu ga Gotoku 1&2 HD Edition Cheat Codes For PlayStation 3

  • Amon clan defeated: Defeat the Amon clan Gold
  • Arts Cheats Codes: Visit the show pub and also go to the video viewing store once Bronze
  • Ball gamer: Play golf, the batting cage, and bowling each 3 times Bronze
  • Big haul: Defeat 3 enemies at the same time Bronze
  • Boiled turkey: Get a turkey in the bowling mini-game (3 consecutive strikes) Bronze
  • Boss 01 Defeated: Defeat the boss of Chapter 1 Bronze
  • Boss 02 Defeated: Defeat the boss of Chapter 3 Bronze
  • Boss 03 Defeated: Defeat the boss of Chapter 5 Bronze
  • Boss 04 Defeated: Defeat the boss of Chapter 8 Bronze
  • Boss 05 Defeated: Defeat the boss of Chapter 9 Bronze
  • Boss 06 Defeated: Defeat the boss of Chapter 12 Bronze
  • Boss 07 Defeated: Defeat the first boss of Chapter 16 Bronze
  • Boss 08 Defeated: Defeat the second boss of Chapter 16 Bronze
  • Boss 09 Defeated: Defeat the third boss of Chapter 16 Bronze
  • Brains: Win a match of shogi and mahjong once Bronze
  • Club sega debut: Play that UFO catcher and YF6 mini-games 3 Bronze
  • Destroyer: Destroy 100 weapons Bronze
  • Gigolo master: Complete all of the cabaret club girls’ storylines Silver
  • Good coordinating: Max out your appeal to girls by equipping the proper items Bronze
  • Great gambler: Win a combined 10000 chips from Roulette, Bacara, and Blackjack at the casino Silver
  • Gung-ho manager: Clear the cabaret club running “Marietta” storyline Bronze
  • Heat Action master: Finish 50 fights with a Heat Action move Bronze
  • Hole in one Cheats Codes: Get a Hole in One in the golf mini-game Bronze
  • Illegal disposal: Toss an enemy into the Soutenbori river during a fight Bronze
  • Initiation into the secret martial art: Learn all of Komaki’s moves Silver
  • Kamurocho brawling master: Defeat an Encounter boss Bronze
  • Kansai gourmet: Order every item in Soutenbori restaurants at least once Bronze
  • KANSAI locker: Open 5 lockers in Soutenbori Bronze
  • Kanto gourmet: Order every item in Kamurocho restaurants at least once Bronze
  • KANTO locker: Open 5 lockers in Kamurocho Bronze
  • Killer of a hundred: Defeat 100 enemies Bronze
  • King of recklessness of Kamurocho: Knock over 50 pedestrians Bronze
  • Legendary champion: Win all of the tournaments in the arena Gold
  • Like a blur: Successfully run away 15 times when being approached by random enemies on the street Bronze
  • Mastering the basics: Complete the tutorial Bronze
  • Mr. Host: Complete the host club “Adam” storyline Bronze
  • Novice champion: Win for the first time at the arena Bronze
  • Platinum Trophy: Unlock all of the trophies in the game Platinum
  • Pro gamer: Win the Y6 tournament, and also get 20 items from the UFO catcher mini-games Bronze
  • Smart gambler: Play every single game at the casino and the Chouhan gambling game once Bronze
  • Stairs to adulthood: Complete a cabaret club girl’s storyline Bronze
  • Substory 4: Complete 4 substories Bronze
  • Substory 40: Complete 40 substories Bronze
  • Substory 80: Complete 80 substories Silver
  • Technique seeker: Learn 20 moves outside of the regular level-up system Bronze
  • Thanks -From the staff-: Complete the final chapter Bronze
  • The strongest man: Completely max out your skills (Level 10 to all categories) Bronze
  • To a true ending Cheats Codes: Complete the game in the EX-HARD mode Gold
  • Undefeated in Kamurocho: Successfully defeat 25 consecutive enemies without taking any damage Bronze
  • Walking bank: Possess over 10,000,000 yen Silver

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