Saints Row The Third Cheats Codes For PS3


Saints Row The Third Cheats Codes For PS3

Saints Row The Third Cheats Codes For PS3 (PlayStation 3) Free transfer. Years when taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to home brand, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Rebel shooting iron bollocks head dolls all out there at a store close to you. The Saints area unit kings of Stilwater, however their celebrity standing has not gone overlooked. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns live everywhere the world, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you’re taking the fight to a brand new town, taking part in out the foremost bizarre gameplayeventualities ever seen. Strap it on.

Saints Row The Third Cheat Codes For PlayStation 3

  • Add Gang Notoriety (+1 star): lolz
  • Add Police Notoriety (+1 shield) Cheats Codes: pissoffpigs
  • Bloody Mess (everyone killed explodes into blood): notrated
  • BMW 330i: give330i
  • BMW E30 M3: givee30
  • Bmx(trick bicycle): givebmx
  • Clear Skies (change weather): clearskies
  • Drunk Pedestrians: dui
  • Give 45 Sheperd: givesheperd
  • Give Apoca-Fists: giveapoca
  • Give AR 55: givear55
  • Give AS3 Ultimax: giveultimax
  • Give Baseball Bat: givebaseball
  • Give Cash ($1000,000): cheese
  • Give Chainsaw: givechainsaw
  • Give Cyber Blaster: givecybersmg
  • Give Cyber Buster: givecyber
  • Give D4TH Blossom: giveblossom
  • Give Electric Grenade: giveelectric
  • Give Flamethrower: giveflamethrower
  • Give Flashbang: giveflashbang
  • Give GL G20 Cheats Codes: givelauncher
  • Give Grave Digger: givedigger
  • Give Grenade: givegrenade
  • Give K-8 Krukov: givekrukov
  • Give KA-1 Kobra: givekobra
  • Give McManus 2015: givesniper
  • Give Mini-Gun: giveminigun
  • Give Molotov: givemolotov
  • Give Nocturne: givesword
  • Give RC Possesor: givercgun
  • Give Reaper Drone: givedrone
  • Give Respect: whatitmeanstome
  • Give Riot Shield: giveshield
  • Give S3X Hammer: givehammer
  • Give SA-3 Airstrike: giveairstrike
  • Give Satchel Charges: givesatchel
  • Give Shock Hammer: giverocket
  • Give Sonic Boom: givesonic
  • Give Stun Gun: givestungun
  • Give TEK Z-10 Cheats Codes: givetek
  • Give The Penetrator: givedildo
  • Give Viper Laser Rifle: giveslm8
  • Gives RPG: giverpg
  • Golden Gun (one-shot gun kills): goldengun
  • Golf Mk1 GTI: givegti
  • Heaven Bound (dead bodies float into the air): fryhole
  • Heavy Rain (changes weather): heavyrain
  • Infinite Sprint: runfast
  • Light Rain (changes weather): lightrain
  • Mascots (all pedestrians are mascots): mascot
  • Nissan Champ 1400: givechamp
  • No Cop Notoriety: goodygoody
  • No Gang Notoriety Cheats Codes: oops
  • Overcast (changes weather): overcast
  • Pimps and Hos (all pedestrians are pimps and hos): hohoho
  • Repair Car (fully repairs vehicle): repaircar
  • Respect and money: Whatitmeanstome
  • Spawns Ambulance: giveambulance
  • Spawns Anchor: giveanchor
  • Spawns Attrazione: giveattrazione
  • Spawns Bootlegger: givebootlegger
  • Spawns Challenger: givechallenger
  • Spawns Commander: givecommander
  • Spawns Condor: givecondor
  • Spawns Eagle Cheats Codes: giveeagle
  • Spawns Estrada: giveestrada
  • Spawns Gat Mobile: givegatmobile
  • Spawns Kaneda: givekaneda
  • Spawns Kenshin: givekenshin
  • Spawns Knoxville: giveknoxville
  • Spawns Miami: givemiami
  • Spawns Municipal: givemunicipal
  • Spawns NForcer: givenforcer
  • Spawns Peacemaker: givepeacemaker
  • Spawns Phoenix: givephoenix
  • Spawns Quasar: givequasar
  • Spawns Reaper: givereaper
  • Spawns Sandstorm: givesandstorm
  • Spawns Shark: giveshark
  • Spawns Specter givespecter
  • Spawns Status Quo: givestatusquo
  • Spawns Taxi: givetaxi
  • Spawns Titan Cheats Codes: givetitan
  • Spawns Toad: givetoad
  • Spawns Tornado: givetornado
  • Spawns Vortex: givevortex
  • Spawns VTOL: givevtol
  • Spawns Vulture: givevulture
  • Spawns Widowmaker: givewidowmaker
  • Spawns Woodpecker: givewoodpecker
  • Vehicles No Damage (your vehicle is immune to damage): vroom
  • Vehicles Smash (your vehicle crushes other vehicles): isquishyou
  • Volkswagen caddy van Cheats Codes: givecaddy
  • Weapons (gives a full compliment of weapons): letsrock
  • Zombies (all pedestrians become zombies): brains

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