The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 In Sheeps Clothing Cheats Codes For PS3


The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 In Sheeps Clothing Cheats Codes For PS3

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 In Sheeps Clothing Cheats Codes For PS3 is associate degree episodic interactive mystery drama journey game supported Bill Willingham’s Fables magazine series. it’s developed and printed by Telltale Games, manufacturers of the hit game The Walking Dead. Interactive amusement. it’s canon with the magazine universe and is ready as a prequel to the magazine. the sport consists of 5 episodes, with the primary episode being discharged for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 worldwide on October eleven, 2013, for worldwide on October fourteen, 2013, for PlayStation three on October fifteen, 2013, in North America and on October  2013, in Europe and Australia, for iOS worldwide on December four, 2013, and PlayStation Vita before the top of 2014. Retail versions for the PlayStation three, PlayStation four, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and  consoles were discharged in Nov 2014.

Ofcours android version for tablets its egzisting too, but this version is not able to use any cheats or codes. I hope you will have much great fun with that Telltale Games production, I have playd it by myself and i think everyone need to try this game at last once in his gaming live. Cheats are good to use, but in this game I deffinitly bury this, using cheats can ruin your fabular story, anyway good luck and have fun.

PS3 The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 In Sheeps Clothing Cheats And Secrets

  • And All Were Happy Cheats: Completed Episode 4: “In Sheep’s Clothing” Silver
  • But Soon He Mended His Evil Ways: Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 4. Bronze
  • He Was Much Feared: Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 4. Bronze
  • Master Librarian Cheats: Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 4. Gold
  • Once Upon a Time: Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 4. Bronze
  • There Was a Wolf Cheats: Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 4. Bronze
  • Who Ruled The Land: Completed Chapter 3 of Episode 4. Bronze

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